asu aksu

A multipotentialite. Dreamt of being a genetic engineer, ended up with a BA in Business Management from Istanbul University. Worked at various positions in advertising, PR, and entertainment. After a while, restarted training her creativity in the fashion field at IMA. In 2010, started her own label, joined various projects, festivals and fashion shows. Got lucky and opened her own shop in the heart of Istanbul, in Beyoğlu.

Decided to broaden her vision by studying at ArtEZ for a master’s degree in fashion strategy.

I recently discovered that I've created some tools to decipher some known and unknown parts of myself, of others and of processes over time. And I use the findings in helping others to  overcome the blocks, create strategies for PR or marketing for example, decide on the narratives needed for the projects or processes, design layouts, structure, curate and visualise data,  plan and organise events, trigger inspiration, analyse processes and etc.

My main ability is to map or visualize processes with an artistic approach. Mapping is my major tool. It is an attempt to catch up with the internal processes, and the external ones, to point out the urges of decisions, steps of intuitions, line of thoughts, knowns and unknowns... 

Creative thinking, intuition and awareness might be the key elements for the upcoming future and with an interdisciplinary approach they can open up new possibilities. 

I am a creative. I am an alchemist, I am a designer, I am a fool with tools. Now you see what it is like to be me, I wonder what is it like to be you?

And How may I help you?

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