Many people struggle with the large quantities of information they receive, often being unable to cut a clear path to concepts and underlying theories. Redefining my #known-unknowns repeatedly and with an analytical attitude helped me. I in turn enabled my students to build their own #artistic research methodologies, based on their very own #skills, #urges, #likes or #hates. And it allowed me to share my #curated knowledge.           

       Combining #analytical thinking and #intuition I charted a winding career path with seemingly mismatching milestones such as a BA in Business Management, various positions in advertising, PR, entertainment. Then I retrained as a fashion designer and created a fashion label of my own. While the parts may look inconsistent to an outsider, it all culminated in an MA in Fashion Strategy at ArtEZ, in the Netherlands

      At the time, it was an #intriguing development even for me. Intuition is a #critical tool in #creative processes and #narratives. The combination of analytical thought and intuition is a talent in itself. I started digging deeper into this theme by #dissecting how my intuition works, how I make my decisions, curate my information intake and realizing what my #frame of reference is.

      Then came #mapping - setting a piece of data or a chain of thoughts into a frame, connecting and associating them with other elements. This allowed me to #identify, #formulate and #share my #methodologies. From this emerged an interactive workshop with the goal of gaining a thorough insight into what I oversimplified above. It fosters a #revelational discussion with yourself by mapping your frame of references.

       I am available for institutional and individual customized lectures and workshops. For more information please contact me.


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